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Miss Hazel Corbin-

Some time in June I asked my cousin, Dr Sam Atkinson, who was a student at Bellevue, but is now at Gouvermuy (?) Hospital to see you and give you copies of the patents which were granted on the technical obstetrical doll. You and Miss Hemschemeyer (?) were so nice and encouraging when I showed you the devices I was trying to patent that I wanted you to know that the patents were granted. Dr Atkinson worte that you were away on vacation, but that he would make

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if I would sign a paper and return immediately they believed the patents would be granted in a few weeks. At the time the letter came I was not well and signed the paper after merely glancing at it. When the patents arrived a few weeks later I was distressed at what I had foolishly signed. It sounded as thought the midwives were to do internal examinations. Actually, I suppose it would not make for (?) as, if I should sell the patents I would surely explain that the granny type midwives, have their license revoked if it is discovered that they make the internal.

Miss Corbin, I want you to know how very grateful I am for having had the training in the (?) clinic and Maternity Center. Many times wards are inadequate and this in one of them. You may have forgotten, but I haven't that you told me that Dr Cosmack (?) had given me a good mark on the oral examinations. It was so sweet of you and I needed that encouragement.

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308 E. Hall St. Savannah, Ga

Aug 19th, 1951

Belle, honey:

I'm so glad Lewis does not have to answer a murder charge - And certainly he must have been anything but happy for several years. We all realize that Of course this tragedy has taken a lot out of you. The enclosed hanky carries a little prayer for you - and lots of love.