Ms. O. E. Geppert: June 20 - 1951
While in Tampa, Fla. several letters
written me were never received. Your letter
regarding obstetrical patents was received
and answered on May 15th and on May
19th I sent some Kodak pictures of the
devices to you. I am writing this since I have had
*Many thanks for your leaflet on the
D.G. Torso and Head models, and
for your catalogue which was
received about a week later.
The devices shown not only
make teaching a pleasure - but
learning a pleasure also.
You evidently believe in visual
education too.
Two of your torso, with the fetuses
were used by the Certified Nurse
Midwives in the Florida State
Board of Health program some
years ago.
In giving lectures and demon-
strations to the nurses in training
in their senior year the obstetrical
devices now offered were used. In
this way the nurses acquired a confidence
in assisting the doctors during
and following delivery.
A good many physicians have said
that the above mentioned devices would
be of real values for pre-medical and
medical students - before they are allowed
to examine patients. Sincerely