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D.G.=Divine Guidance

1) In Ft. Myers P.O. where I was talking to Rural Mail Carrier
about getting to La Belle [sic] in answer to a call about several expectant
deliveries. He was a tall man & exhausted looking. Said he
would be glad to help me go [with] him but said in some
places the water was over his waste [with] during the flood.
I knew I'de [sic] be an extra burden on him & slow him down
so told him I'de meet him a 3:00 P.M. If I didn't find
another way. As I left him a man said "lady I heard
what you & the Mail Carrier said and know you are a
nurse [with] S.B.H. And I know that 2 cars came in
from La Belle this morning by the Jack Creek way.
and I can tell you just how to go. He asked me if
I knew the Jack Creek way. I said no. Then he told
me just how to go. The Ft. Myers Womans Club had
made & given me several layetts [sic] for emergencies
I packed my car, put on dungarees and started.
Something D.G. seemed to tell me not to go over
Jacks Creek. So I asked at several places (it was about 3:00
P.M. then) and was told the water was 6 feet deep
Jacks Creek bridge. So I detoured and found
the house on the left and began to look on the
right for where the grass showed where cars
had come over. The man had warned me to go very
slowly when I turned to the R as the water deepened and I might
hit a stump. By this time it was getting late and growing
dark in the swamp. All of a sudden the front end of my car
sank down and water poured into the car. I knew there was
a small bridge in this vicinity. Of course it was impossible
to back out. I looked to my L and saw a white spot moving slowly.
Then I blew the horn three times & turned on the lights-and the white spot began to
move toward me. It was a nice middle aged man. Fortunately
([with] D. G.) I had an axe in the car. The man began to cut branches
from the trees and pushed them under the front of the car.
Finally he got into the car and pulled it out of where the little
bridge had been and on to a road going to his house. Then he

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advised me to drive on until I came to a house on
my R and to drive into the yard of a County Commissioner
near La Belle. When he got out of my car he said "maybe you
don't remember it but you came to my house and registered
some of the childrens births.
When I drove into the yard of the County Commission.