“Save me from my friends.”

- Yellow Fever-


[left margin, partially illegible}

Da: Moore a boarder in Pt. Ho.

Dr. Cozmer [?] from J’Ville.

reported the latter case

in Times Union.


Nov. 28 th. 1888.


As refugee in this locality from

the dire scourge that has so heav-

ily visited Jacksonville. and is now

casting desolation and gloom

throughout the city suburb. I write

appealing to the health authorities

wherever they be to see to the condition

of matters here.

The locality is normally re-

puted exceptionally healthy, but a-

about three months ago fever broke

out among refugee boarders in

Mr. Petersons house. and not with-

standing the unquestionable danger

to his immediate neighbors and the


public generally. Mr. Peterson has

uninterruptedly continued to go to and

fro the city almost daily. and

while in the city frequently visited

fever patients and even rendered nurs-

ing attentions.

About two months ago, Mr

DeWit and family – near neighbors of

Mr. Peterson were prostrated by the

fever. later fresh cases were re-

ported from Mr. Petersons house, and

farther back then ten days ago

additional cases of fever in Peter-

sons household were officially re-

ported in the Times Union .

One would suppose these

matters were enough to terrorize

the neighbors but the worst discour-

aging feature yet is that though

an infected district, the Trustee of

the Public School has assumed the



of teachers and opened school

and that too in the very house

in which Mr. DeWit and family

were prostrated with yellow fever

and attended to by regulation nurses

from the city a few weeks ago.

Is this entirely in harmony

with the ordinances of the Board

of Public Instruction? Or can

anything further be done to help

distribute the germs of the fell





2 of Mr. Petersons boys are among

the scholars [written in another ink]


I endorse my name not for pub-

lication. at least not for the

time being.