Board of Health

Putnam County


Palatka, Fla. Sept 16 1888

To His Excellency

Gov. E. A. Perry

Tallahassee Fla

Dear Sir:

We the undersigned County Boards

of Health do respectfully request that if you

should deem it expedient to request the General

Government to take under immediate control all

infected places in the State of Florida, and place

a cordon around those places, and to institute

any other stringent measures that the Marin Hos-

pital Service may deem necessary to confine the

epidemic to its present limits – thus relieving

Jacksonville and other infected points from the

arduous duties of protecting themselves from

tramps and indigent persons who are flocking

to those places for the purpose of theft and imposi-

tion regardless of danger of becoming infected,

and at the same time protect non-infected

places from the danger of the introduction

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Board of Health

Putnam County.


Palatka, Fla. 188

of the infection by this same class of people

escaping into the county without having

previously undergone the necessary period of

detention in some of the Quarantine Camps.

It is needless to state the advantages nat-

urally accruing from such a course of action,

for it would then, not only give relief as above

stated, but allay the fears of the public minds

so far as the spread of the disease is concerned

and also at the same time tend to correct the

erroneous impressions that the whole of Florida

is infected with Yellow Fever.

W W Cyrus Pres Putnam

I do hereby certify J K. Rainey “ St Johns

that the names H. E. Dean “ Lake

herewith affixed were Thos. P. Gary “ Marion

ordered by the representa G. F. Carlisle Secty Volusia

tives of the respective J. S. Montgomery “ Orange

Counties. C M Merrell Pres. Clay.

Attest - Louis C Camova

Secty Putnam C. Bd H.

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Putnam Co

P 1888