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Board of Health

Putnam County

Palatka, Fla. Dec 4th 1888

His Excellency

E. A. Perry

Tallahassee Fla.

Dear Sir!

We have been kept so busy during the

past three months that we did not make the

usual semi-monthly reports, as you requested.

In discharging our duties we

have had much to contend with; but we

feel thankful in having been successful

in keeping our county free from infection;

and can report that up to this date, there

has been no case of yellow fever in Putnam

County. –

The Quarantine has cost the county so

far about $7,000, and the city of Palatka

about $5,500 – making a total of $12,500 00/100

Yours very respt.

Louis C. Canora


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Putnam County

LC Canova

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