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Jan 13th.
Spent today investigating
suspicious case scarlet fever
at Wilbiston [?]. Report of … [illegible]
in full mailed.

Jan 14th.
Examined 3 specimens 1 pos.
2 neg. Sent about 50 to the
laboratory. Met several people by … [illegible]
a few called during my absence in ofc.
This aft. drove to Medulla - school
had been suspended for the term.
Went on 11/2 miles further to Chresteria [?]
where I met Dr. Pearce, who does
all the work for those sections. He is
familiar with the disease, is treating it
and has microscope. Says that the
most of them are so ignorant he
… [illegible] has to blind fold [?] them to treat
them, most of them if they know what he is about
wont take the medicine. And …[ illegible] of
the suspicion asking for specimen … [illegible]
… [illegible] ahead without it.

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Jan 21st. … [illegible]
Came back here to inspect
public schools which I had been
informed were closed. with Dr.
L.A. Simmons and Mr Patrick I visited
the school during the morning. Out of
30 pupils 27 were adjudged suspects
and advised to have the microspcopial exam
made. A short talk was made to the
… [illegible] pupils. In company with Dr.
I met a no. of the citizens and went over
the hook worm question. They were all
interested and promised to lend
their aid to the movement. With

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several I discussed the local sanitation
advising that this question be handled
in a more modern manner
Several of the parents signified their determination
to have the children treated and some called
at the hotel requesting me to give them
more information and advice. Dr.
Simmons is familiar with the disease
and has been treating cases about the
country, so have turned all the people over
to him. lease send him 40 hook
worm outfits. So that he can begin
this work. Please send health notes
to the following - Dr. L.A. Simmon
A.L. Dickey. William Edmuston
E.M. Baynard W.A. Ryall
Thomas Firstbrook Warner Jones
A.B. Patrick H.P. Walker
E.D. Garner S.A Barnes
Miss Vera Tharp Miss Frany O'Berry
Rev. J.K. Notting Peter Thomas
Dr. J.F. Campbell Miss Jennie … … [illegible]
Miss Maud Turner
M.D. Norman

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Carters, Fla.
Ben Glover
W.E. Combe
J.H. Combe
F. D. Fussel
Marse, Fla.
R.P. Owen
In the aft. I drove out to
Combe school no.2. 3 miles from here and
back tomorrow Lakeland on north side R.R.
of the 11 scholars [?] present <stricken; of> it was
thought there were all infected - knowing
as they did and evidence of varying degrees
of infection. A short talk was made to
them. Dr. Simmons who was with me
told them he would send the outfits for specimens
and would treat them free (all who felt
themselves unable to pay).
The school teachers are giving me
excellent assistance and using their
best efforts to bring the children to treatment
exam one spec. no symptoms neg

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Feb. 1st
Spent today in consultation
Dr. Love, Lakeland
small pox case

Feb. 2nd

Drove down to Homeland
this morning inspected school
there - enrollment 70 - about
55 present. Found all to be
suspects but about 6 - had
teachers take down their names
Made short talk to advanced grade.
The teacher (Ms. York) appeared to
be most interested in the work but
when I asked her to as far as
possible see the parents and help
us bring them to treatment. She
made excuses - stating that she
was very busy after school
and did not have the time
rarely saw all the patrons. There
are several believers in the
so called "evening light" faith
a kind of fatalistic nonsense

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down there and it may be that
she was afraid of offending some of
them - Perhaps I can get some of
the doctors here to preach the word
down there - am going to drive down
again Saturday.
Send Health notes to
J.L. Longhorn
Mrs. J.G. York (School principal)
Miss Mable Turner (asst.)
A.A. Brown
J.A. Wilson
J.H. McKillop
G.W. Conner
J.l. Fussel
H.O. Reynolds
Griffin Smith
S.J. Drawdy
<note in the margin; All of Homeland>

In the aft. drove down to Agricola
mine - suspected school there
enrollment 27 - present 20 found
are suspects but 3
Miss Edith Lockwood is the teacher
very much interested in the work

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and will use her best influence in
behalf of the cause.
Dr. Johnson, Prophylaxis does the practice.

Feb. 3rd
Drove over to Mulberry - met
all the Drs. - Murphy, Carter,
McMurray and Goss. They are all
with us in the work. having
about 35 cases under treatment at
In aft. inspected the school
enrollment 275 - about 150 present -
found them are suspects except 10.
The teachers were very nice, promised
to see the parents and get the children
in the hands of the family doctor
for examination and treatment.
Sent health notes to
Prof. O.J. Moore.
Miss Elizabeth Collins
Miss Mary and Lelia Dudley
Dr. P.L. Goss

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Feb. 7th
Went before the county school
board which met in Prof. Kirks
office this - carried microscopes and
specimens - made talk on the
situation going especially into
the prophylaxis at the conclusion
I handed them a copy of the
following - which they discussed
and passed
Where as an inspection of the
public schools of Polk Co. by the
state Board of Health was revealed
the fact that about 3000 pupils
are infected with hookworms.
And since the pernicious
<stricken; and p> influence of this blood-
sucking and poisoning parasite
upon the training of the mind,
development of the body and
cultivation of the morals is no
where so evident as in the
school room; often rendering
futile the combined kindly
efforts of the board, the

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teacher and the parent in their
endeavor for the mental
betterment of the child.
and furthermore since
medical science assures that of
all diseases it is the easiest of
detection, treatment and eradication
that its effectual extermination
depends simply <stricken; b> upon the treatment
of <stricken; it> existing cases and the
prevention of soil pollution
therefore be it.
Resolved: that we the
county school board of Polk Co.
do herby urgently insist that
our teachers shall co-operate
with physicians, patrons and friends,
using every tactful measures to
bring their infected children to
treatment - which is furnished without
cost by the State Board of Health and
administered by the family physician
Be it further -
Resolved - that we require
the trustees of all public schools

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not so provided to construct fly
protected toilets or privies of
improved modern design. That
there with all others be conducted
or maintained in a thorough or
sanitary manner - thereby preventing
their activities as purveyors of disease-
polluters of soil or propegators
of hook worm disease.
I went into detail explaining
the requirements of a privy of
approved design and what a
curse the ones in use were because
of their neglected conditions as
well as these schools that had
none at all where the pupils were
forced to resort to palmetto patches
bay heads ect. You could see their
eyes open & the follow the cycle of
the parasite and realized the hopelessness
of the cause if these unsanitary conditions
were not <stricken; attended> reviewed
The afternoon - reviewed
2 specs - positive. spent the
remainder of the aft. at the school

[page 11]

with microscopes and Dr. Newman
showing the pupils and teachers the
eggs ect.
Found about 60 already under
treatment. Many of the boys <added note above; about 15> decided
at once that they had the trouble and without
microscopial exam. Have taken
some of them 2 treatments already.
Of course I talked to them about the
value of the microscope in determining not only
when the present but when cured
as well.

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% for Orlando slightly over 25 Country
Children running up [illegible]
New building - good teacher
excellent school.

April 6th
With the colored doctor J.B. Callahan
inspected the negro school
121 present - all that were frank enough to
admit it gave a history ground itch
72 were selected for microscopical exam
40 gave suspicious symptoms and 26 were
slightly anemic. H.W. in the negro is a puzzle
to me. I turned down the eye lid - felt of
their shoulder blades and stomachs
then asked them and their teachers
questions in trying to reach conclusion
Exam 2 specs Dr Persons both neg.
Got up a little piece for the editor
Reporter Star

Apr. 7th
With Dr. Pillan went down
to pine castle inspected school
3 lady teachers